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About EDA

Multi-Agency Initiatives

Regional Innovation Straties Map - Smart Investments to Accelerate Job and Economic Growth

Today, the federal government is collaborating like never before to catalyze local plans to drive innovation and create jobs.

EDA is leading a number of multi-agency initiatives focused on breaking down the bureaucratic silos in Washington so that we can be a more effective partner in the regions we serve.

These initiatives include:

The Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership

The Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership is an initiative that will help accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing and create jobs in cities across the country.

The Make it in America Challenge

The Make it in America Challenge seeks to encourage foreign and domestic businesses to build and/or expand their operations in the United States.

The Strong Cities, Strong Communities Visioning Challenge

The Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) initiative, first announced in July 2011, seeks to strengthen neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions around the country by enhancing the capacity of local governments to develop and execute their economic vision and strategies, providing necessary technical assistance and access to federal agency expertise, and creating new public and private sector partnerships.

The SC2 Economic Planning Challenge is a key component of the initiative that includes a series of competitions in which six separate cities will work closely with the Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) to offer cash rewards for new solutions to Strategic Economic Transition planning in each community. Winning plans will be selected by local leaders.

The Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge

The Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge brings the public and private sectors together to build on America’s regional strengths and create local jobs in key industries of the future. The jobs and innovation Accelerator Challenge is an important example of how the federal government is working collaboratively and leveraging existing resources to enhance local efforts to build public-private partnerships that support economic growth and job creation.

The i6 Challenge

The i6 Challenge is a multi-agency grant that encourages and rewards innovative, groundbreaking ideas that accelerate technology commercialization, new venture formation, job creation, and economic growth across the United States.

Third Americas Competitiveness Exchange

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