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U.S. Cluster Mapping Project


The U.S. Cluster Mapping Project is a collaboration between EDA and the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. The goal is to help create connections within and between industry clusters to build vibrant regional economic ecosystems. This is a federal economic development initiative that aims to strengthen U.S. competitiveness by helping clusters and regions understand and improve their economic composition and performance.


Research over the last decade has shown that regional clusters are a prominent feature of successful and growing economies: They drive competitiveness and entrepreneurship, and underlie new business growth.
Now in an “alpha” version, the U.S. Cluster Mapping Project consists of an interactive website that offers a unique set of tools that are designed to help businesses, policymakers, and researchers better understand the dynamics of clusters. These tools include:

  • Visual data and statistical tools to assess regional clusters and the characteristics of business environment;
  • A resource library of research to formulate economic development strategies; and
  • A directory that allows users to profile cluster organizations and initiatives throughout the country.

In addition, “Data QuickStarts” provide examples that introduce users to the breadth of data available and provide key analyses for better understanding clusters, the cluster composition of regions, and their overall performance.
Registration—which can be done at no cost—allows users to save and later retrieve the data and cluster research they’ve conducted. An online member directory enhances the utility of the site, providing the basis for establishment of a virtual community that allows cluster initiatives from around the country to interact, showcase their activities, and promote their events.

For More Information:

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