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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
2 $141,700
Total 2 $141,700

EDA awarded two grants in the state of Delaware in 2012 totaling $141,700.  These grants provide a foundation for assistance for communities to develop locally-driven collaborative economic development strategies for long-term economic growth.

Investment Spotlight: EDA Planning Investment Leverages Assets to Transform a Local Economy

Over the past decade, Northern New Castle County has experienced dramatic economic shifts as many of its major manufacturers downsized or shuttered their factories.  In order to create more and better employment opportunities for its residents, the County needed to transition from an economic base dependent on large corporations, banking, and chemical companies to a more diverse economy supportive of small businesses, manufacturers, and knowledge workers.

In April 2012, EDA awarded a $41,700 technical assistance grant to New Castle County to formulate a business corridor plan for Routes 9 and13, major thoroughfares that have struggled with corporate restructuring and manufacturing plant closures.  The strategic plan will assist the Port of Wilmington, New Castle Airport and Norfolk Southern freight rail to identify growth opportunities and industry clusters complementary to their services.  EDA’s modest investment will also enable New Castle County to identify opportunities for manufacturers and small and existing businesses to take advantage of strong transportation infrastructure, numerous potential redevelopment sites, and available workforce.  By effectively leveraging available assets, local businesses will be able to increase distribution, serve new markets, and export more goods. 

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