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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $53,806
Disaster Relief 1 $350,000
1 $125,000
Planning 9 $809,690
Total 12 $1,338,496

During FY 2012, EDA awarded 12 grants totaling $1.3 million throughout the State of Idaho.  These investments encourage the growth of manufacturing, entrepreneurship, export development and disaster resiliency in the state.  By supporting bottom- up, regionally-owned economic development initiatives, EDA’s investments will create jobs and position Idaho communities to maximize their economic assets and potential.  Growing its manufacturing cluster is one of the state’s top priorities. 

Investment Spotlight: EDA University Center Drives Productivity in Idaho

TechHelp is the EDA University Center in Idaho affiliated with Boise State University.  In its role as a University Center, TechHelp assists manufacturers throughout Idaho improve productivity and grow revenue and profitability. With offices in Boise, Pocatello, and Post Falls, TechHelp specialists work in partnership with the state universities to provide assistance to manufacturers, food and dairy processors, service industry and inventors to strengthen their global competitiveness through continuous innovation for new and improved products, markets and processes.

TechHelp clients have achieved remarkable results: in FY 2012 alone, TechHelp helped 66 firms create 335 jobs. TechHelp-assisted firms have increased and retained sales totaling $53.4 million, cost savings totaling $10.6 million, and investments in plant modernization, equipment and people adding up to $6.6 million.

One of the companies assisted by TechHelp is Rekluse, now the motorcycle industry leader in clutch performance and innovation. Founded in 2002, this small manufacturer has grown 31 jobs and exports $400,000 worth of products a year. It has expanded its manufacturing capacity with a new location in the Boise area, and continues to grow with new products and markets. In 2012, the Small Business Administration named Rekluse its Small Business Exporter of the Year. 

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