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New Hampshire

Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Public Works 4 $2,444,435
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $493,750
Planning 3 $190,000
Total 8 $3,128,185

During FY 2012, EDA awarded eight grants totaling $3.1 million throughout the State of New Hampshire.  These investments encourage growth in general manufacturing and alternative fuels, military base and industrial facility redevelopment, business and workforce training and strategic planning. These projects are regionally-owned economic development initiatives to create jobs, encourage private investment, support successful entrepreneurship and return non-productive facilities to economic use.  These investments are expected to create or retain 700 jobs according to grantee estimates. 

Investment Spotlight: EDA’s Investment Helps Attract and Retain Young Talent

Outmigration of talented young people is a challenge facing many small towns across America as a lack of a locally available workforce can have a profound impact on a region’s ability to grown and attract new businesses. With young adults leaving in above-average numbers for jobs outside the region, Plymouth, New Hampshire, needed to develop new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that would keep homegrown talent in the state. 

In 2012, EDA invested $781,000 to help fund construction of business incubator facility in downtown Plymouth. Operated by Plymouth State’s Small Business Institute, the Enterprise Center is a true public-private partnership designed collaboratively to encourage and support successful entrepreneurship. An initiative of the Grafton County Economic Development Council, the Enterprise Center will accommodate up to ten tenant and 20 non-tenant businesses and is expected to launch in 2013 with a focus on “green business.” EDA’s award is matched by the Northern Border Regional Commission, the State of New Hampshire and contributions from nine private businesses.  This project is expected to create 75 new jobs in its first three years of operation. 

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