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New York

Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Public Works 3 $2,028,000
Economic Adjustment Assistance 4 $1,937,154
Disaster Relief 1 $250,000
2 $449,565
Planning 11 $721,000
Total 21 $5,385,719

During FY 2012, EDA awarded 21 grants totaling $5.4 million throughout the State of New York. These investments promote growth in the manufacturing, agri-business, medical devises, and transportation industry clusters.  These awards will help address areas experiencing economic distress in both urban and rural regions of the state.  These investments are expected to create or retain 486 jobs according to grantee estimates.

Investment Spotlight: EDA Award Expands Agribusiness in Upstate New York

The favorable climate, fertile soil, and ample clean water of Finger Lakes region has made it the heart of a productive and growing agriculture cluster across Upstate New York.  Centrally located in western New York, Genesee County is within a ten hour drive of 125 million Americans making it an ideal location for food processing and advanced manufacturing.  Unfortunately, the limited capacity of Genesee County's water system was stymying growth of current and prospective agri-businesses in the region. 

EDA responded in 2012 by investing $1 million to fund critical infrastructure improvements to the Genesee County aquifer system at the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park (GVAB) By providing immediate access to the aquifer, both new and existing agribusinesses have access to affordable water critical for the manufacturing various food products, as well as the increased capacity they need to expand their operations.  The development of the GVAB will have significant regional breadth, boosting the region’s economy by adding, over the long term, nearly 1,200 jobs across the region helping foster economic stability and enhanced social viability.  This project will open 200 acres of “build ready” sites and is expected to create 186 direct jobs and leverage $206 million in private investment.

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