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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Public Works 1 $2,935,839
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $2,625,788
2 $293,000
Total 4 $5,854,627

During FY 2012, EDA awarded four grants totaling $5.9 million in the State of Ohio.  These investments spurred job creation in transportation and logistics, IT start ups, automotive technologies, and high tech manufacturing.  These projects leveraged the assets of the major urban areas and the major universities of the state to create a holistic approach to economic development that is able to increase productivity, spur innovation and entrepreneurship, and increase long-term regional competitiveness and economic diversification.  These investments are expected to create or retain 1,570 jobs according to grantee estimates. 

Investment Spotlight: EDA Award Increases Export Potential of Southern Ohio

Located on the Ohio River at the southernmost point of the state, Lawrence County, sits at the confluence of the Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky tri-state region. With accessibility to the deepwater Huntington Port, close proximity to rail via the Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor and an excellent highway system, the County’s geography and strong transportation infrastructure gives it a unique competitive advantage. 

In FY 2012, EDA awarded $2,935,839 to construct a rail spur and six rail switches to connect the Point Industrial Park in Lawrence County to the Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor railroad, transforming the Park into a multi-modal facility that will provide an additional key access point to the heart of the Ohio River Valley.  The Park’s prime location on both the Ohio River and the main Norfolk and Southern rail lines, provides a unique opportunity for containers originating or terminating in Norfolk, Virginia to be transferred to or from barges along its direct river access. As a result, Park tenants will have access to international shipping advantages, allowing goods to travel easily for import or export from both the East and West Coasts and overseas. The increased rail access provided by EDA’s investment will enable three companies that currently operate in the Park to expand, creating an additional 186 new jobs, and 500 jobs will be retained.   

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