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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Public Works 4 $5,284,500
Economic Adjustment Assistance 3 $1,275,000
Disaster Relief 1 $500,000
5 $477,500
Planning 7 $458,000
Total 20 $7,995,000

During FY 2012, EDA awarded 20 grants totaling nearly $8 million throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  These investments encourage the growth of manufacturing and heavy construction, entrepreneurship, technology and faith-based economic development.  These grants will help both urban and rural communities achieve their local economic development initiatives.  These investments are expected to create or retain 1,511 jobs according to grantee estimates. 

Investment Spotlight: EDA Investment Expands Business Development in Pittsburgh

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, is a common case study for the perils of a mono-industrial economic base. When the local steel industry disintegrated in the second half of the 20th century, job losses were monumental. By 2010, Allegheny County had lost one-half of its population due to decades of job loss in the steel and related industries, with half of that loss taking place within Pittsburgh.

In July 2012, EDA awarded a $1.9 million grant to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to fund construction of new infrastructure for Bakery Square 2.0, an existing mixed-use development in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh.  This project will expand the abandoned industrial site, a former Nabisco Bakery, which was declared blighted in 2006. This large-scale redevelopment project is part of a $130 million private-public partnership. EDA’s investment funds excavation and installation of new utility lines; grading and build-out of new streets, sidewalks, and curbs; new street lights and traffic signals; and related infrastructure needed to make the site ready for further development. Google accounts for at least 200 high-skilled, high-wage positions and has grown since taking residence in Bakery Square. The project is expected to create 530 new jobs and attract private investment of $49 million, according to grantee estimates.

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