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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 3 $1,463,098
Public Works 3 $3,297,925
Disaster Relief 3 $16,679,154
Planning 8 $448,000
Technical Assistance 6 $639,991
Total 23 $22,528,168

During Fiscal Year 2013, EDA invested $22,528,168 in 23 projects in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These projects are expected to create or retain 1,475 jobs and leverage $60,000,000 in private investment, according to grantee estimates.  EDA’s investments help Pennsylvania communities achieve bottom-up, locally-defined economic development goals and strategies.

EDA offers a complementary, balanced portfolio of grant programs designed to help rural and urban communities grow their private sectors and create jobs.

Investment Spotlight: Redevelopment of the Simon Silk Mill Complex

Located in the heart of Easton, Pennsylvania, the Simon Silk Mill is a 19th Century industrial complex that was once one of the largest manufacturers of ribbon in the United States. Built at the turn of the century, the 13-acre mill complex fell into disuse and was rapidly deteriorating, leaving an extremely visible, vacant site in the core of the community.

Maintaining and preserving its historic buildings and cultivating economies based on the arts, tourism and food, Easton’s economy has steadily grown in recent years. In 2013, EDA awarded $1.8 million to support the construction of public infrastructure necessary to support redevelopment of the mill, converting the19th century brownfield site into a modern commercial site.

The renovated building will help develop the city’s creative economy by housing the planned Easton Made incubator for the arts, as well as space for media production facilities. The City expects the planned incubator will create 50 to 80 new jobs in the region, and position the Simon Silk Mill as a destination for the arts and creative economy, attracting as many as 40,000 visitors annually.

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