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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $280,600
Public Works 2 $2,931,626
Planning 11 $658,000
Technical Assistance 1 $100,000
Total 15 $3,970,226

During Fiscal Year 2013, EDA invested $3,970,226 in 15 projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia. These projects are expected to create or retain 187 jobs and leverage $100,000 in private investment, according to grantee estimates.  EDA’s investments help Virginia communities achieve bottom-up, locally-defined economic development goals and strategies.

EDA offers a complementary, balanced portfolio of grant programs designed to help rural and urban communities grow their private sectors and create jobs.

Investment Spotlight: Advanced Manufacturing Apprentice Academy Center

In May 2011, EDA awarded $4 million to help construct the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) in Prince George County, Virginia.  CCAM brings together best-in-class manufacturers and Virginia's top higher education institutions to collaborate and deliver new "production-ready" solutions to factories.  Opened in September 2012, CCAM’s state-of-the-art facility serves as the physical hub for university and corporation collaboration.   It houses computational and large-scale production labs, as well as open production space for heavy equipment and surface coating processes.  A global Center of Excellence in advanced manufacturing research, CCAM is now internationally recognized as a model of how universities, corporations, and government can partner to change the game for growing advanced manufacturing in the U.S.

With the CCAM building in place, CCAM leaders looked again to EDA to help them expand their footprint— this time in creating opportunities in workforce development.   In October 2013, EDA awarded $280,600 to help develop an Advanced Manufacturing Apprentice Academy Center to be located at CCAM.  With these funds, CCAM will develop a strategy for establishing the Academy as a hands-on regional training center to prepare workers in Virginia’s Tobacco Region for careers in advanced manufacturing. The Apprentice Academy will address the looming shortage of trained workers by providing cutting edge curriculum and equipment, fast-track training, worker certifications, and career pathways to advancement and other degrees.

EDA’s 2013 investment was made possible through the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP), an Administration-wide initiative designed to accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing and help cultivate an environment for businesses to create well-paying manufacturing jobs in regions across the country. This phase of IMCP investment supports the development of strategic plans to build public-private partnerships that result in targeted investments in workforce training, infrastructure, research, and other key assets.

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