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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 3 $1,207,723
Public Works 3 $3,282,257
Planning 12 $1,653,500
3 $297,962
Total 21 $6,441,442

The Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (FoodPIC) at the University of Georgia’s Griffin Campus is internationally recognized for the development of innovative food products, implementation of cutting-edge science and technology, and for the development of innovative food products.  The program forms a strategic alliance with external marketing, technology, and engineering groups to help food companies take a new product from conception, through consumer research, formulation, prototyping, shelf-life analysis, and market launch. 

In 2014, FoodPIC broke ground on a new incubator facility that will house research and development services to start-up companies pursuing new product lines in the food industry.  Funded through support of a $1.9 million FY 2013 EDA award, FoodPIC will offer expertise in value added processing, sensory evaluation, quality evaluation, post-harvest handling and storage, food marketing and project management.  This investment will enhance and strengthen the state's agricultural cluster by increasing its research and commercialization capacities.  The project will create 33 direct jobs at the University of Georgia.  A ten-year analysis provided with the application estimates that the long-term impact on the state of Georgia will be the creation of 800 jobs and the leverage of $92 million in private investment. 

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