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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 3 $901,036
Public Works 1 $1,580,800
Planning 14 $1,086,600
1 $125,000
Total 19 $3,693,436

Established in 1910, the Port of Garibaldi encompasses three coastal towns: Bay City, Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach. For more than 100 years, the Port has been home to numerous commercial enterprises including the lumber industry, tourism, commercial and recreational fishing, and seafood processing.  Located at the mouth of Wilson River, the Port’s marine-related facilities include moorage for 277 vessels and include an expansive wharf that protrudes into Tillamook Bay approximately 600 feet from the shoreline.

In 2011, severe winter storms accompanied by massive seawater surges destabilized many of the pilings, as well as undermined portions of the earthworks supporting the wharf.  The resulting damage compromised the structural integrity of the wharf to such a degree that the Port had to restrict or otherwise limit access to more than 65% of the facility.  Given the intense year-round use by both commercial and recreational stakeholders, the loss of access was a socio-economic disaster of regional proportions. In the absence of swift repair or replacement, the projected job loss was in the range of 250-275 direct jobs accompanied by a reduction of annual business revenues in the community approaching $33,000,000.

Completed in 2014 with the assistance of a $3 million EDA grant, the upgraded wharf not only saved 225 existing jobs, but now also supports the construction of three 10,000 square foot, two-story buildings on reclaimed/improved wharf frontage.  The anticipated projections are 33 jobs per 10,000 square feet of building space (about 100 jobs in total).  The investment not only resulted in the replacement of the prior facility, but it includes upgrades that allow both commercial and recreational fishing interests to be more secure and resilient in the face of future disasters.

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