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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Public Works 1 $1,689,600
Planning 2 $91,000
1 $110,000
Total 4 $1,890,600

The city of Cheyenne, home to over 65,000 residents and the state capital of Wyoming, is taking another step into the new frontier of its economy, the digital technology space.  In order to attract outside investment, diversify the local economy, and promote this new industry for the emerging workforce, Cheyenne has engaged in the revitalization of the West Edge Historic District in the heart of Cheyenne’s downtown.

But flooding, an all-too common phenomenon in the region, has had severe consequences on local businesses and their ability to grow and create new jobs. Consistent flooding has complicated expansion efforts within the West Edge District. Downtown Cheyenne has a history of flooding and drainage problems. The storm water in the City’s downtown area and the near west side can be as much as two feet deep as a result of a typical storm event.  A major storm event can produce flooding depths of three feet or greater.  This presents both a critical life-safety hazard, as well as a significant property damage hazard.

In July 2014, EDA awarded $1.6 million to the City of Cheyenne to construct a storm sewer which eliminates the effects flooding has on local businesses. Warehouse Twenty One will be able to expand in West Edge, creating 15 new jobs in the technology and creative fields. Additionally, this project is expected to save over 20 jobs from businesses forced to relocate due to the perpetual damage of flooding.

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