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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Disaster Relief 3 $2,500,000
Public Works 1 $1,250,000
Planning 1 $150,000
2 $205,192
Total 7 $4,105,192

Significant rain events brought more headaches than just flooded basements for the residents in Springdale, Arkansas. A lack of sufficient drainage along one of the town’s central commercial corridors, Cambridge Street, led to repeated flood events that closed roads and disrupted utilities. Cambridge Street acts as the primary access route to the Tyson Foods Headquarters, with its over 2000 employees, as well as other local businesses. Road closures due to flooding negatively impacted business operations at Tyson and throughout the city’s business district, jeopardizing jobs and inhibiting the community’s efforts to become more economically resilient.

In FY 2015, EDA invested $1.25 million to widen Cambridge Street and construct drainage improvements designed to contain the flow from a 100 year, 24-hour storm event. The proposed project will not only eliminate the current flooding issues, but will also mitigate future events. This will allow for employers in the area to have better access to trucks, employees, and emergency vehicles during future flooding. In turn, this will allow businesses, including Tyson Foods, to remain in Springdale and help the community become more economically resilient.

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