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North Dakota

Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Regional Innovation Strategies 1 $250,000
Planning 12 $687,000
1 $100,000
Total 14 $1,037,000

The City of Minot was impacted by a flood of historic proportions in 2011. The raging, swollen river split the city in half, temporarily closing vital roadways and restricting traffic between the North Hill neighborhood and the rest of the City. North Hill was virtually cut-off from essential goods and services. Following the flood event, initial planning showed a clear need to grow out commercial development to address basic needs like grocers, banking and health care in order protect commercial activities in the event of future flooding.

In 2012, EDA invested $1.6 million in disaster assistance to support construction of sanitary sewer trunk infrastructure and transportation improvements in an undeveloped area of the North Hill corridor. The project directly enabled the development of two tracts of land consisting of 26 acres of commercial and mixed uses. The project incorporates resiliency into the North Hill neighborhoods by providing essential services and basic needs historically not available in that area of the City. The infrastructure supports relocation of retail and commercial development outside of flood prone areas, making the community more economically resilient in facing future flooding and natural disasters.

Substantially completed in 2015, the project has assisted Minot in recovery from the flood by providing critical infrastructure which has allowed new commercial and retail development to occur. As of August 2015, eight new businesses have opened in the new development, creating over 225 jobs and providing access to essential goods and services. It is estimated that the project will ultimately create 315 jobs and leverage $30 million of private investment.

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