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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $2,181,000
Regional Innovation Strategies 1 $250,000
Planning 8 $467,300
Total 10 $2,898,300

According to a report released by the Reshoring Initiative in March 2016, in 2015 alone, reshoring and foreign direct investment added 68,000 jobs in the U.S. economy, bringing the total number of manufacturing jobs brought from offshore to over 249,000 since 2010.1 In 2015, the city of Ogden, Utah, became part of this growing trend.

In 2015, EDA awarded $2.2 million to support the construction of a new waterline to service the Ogden Business Exchange, a business and light industrial park currently being developed and marketed to businesses in Ogden. Additional water service was needed to meet the demands of the park’s anchor tenant, ENVE Composites, an established, growing Ogden-based company that currently employs 150 technology and advanced manufacturing workers in the area. With the expansion, ENVE committed to re-patriating manufacturing jobs from its Chinese manufacturing affiliates back to the United States and, to that end, is constructing a new, state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility in Ogden that will leverage American worker productivity and technological capacity in carbon fiber product innovation as a result of this project.

ENVE anticipates that it will be able to expand its current Ogden workforce of 150 employees to 325 employees by 2023. The waterline construction is part of an overall plan to develop a $30 million business park to help initiate the strategic rebirth of about 90 acres of blighted and underutilized stockyards. This upgraded infrastructure will provide additional capacity, which will allow other businesses to locate in the park, creating new job opportunities for the region.

1.RESHORING INITIATIVE DATA REPORT: RESHORING AND FDI BOOST US MANUFACTURING IN 2015,“ accessed http://reshorenow.org/blog/reshoring-initiative-data-report-reshoring-and-fdi-boost-us-manufacturing-in-2015/

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