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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $549,620
Partnership Planning 4 $380,768
Public Works 3 $5,655,122
Regional Innovation Strategies 1 $248,200
Technical Assistance 3 $158,000
Trade Adjustment Assistance 2 $1,966,277
Total 14 $8,957,987

Since 1986, the City of Rochelle, Illinois has attracted over 1,500 manufacturing and logistics jobs, making it one of the most robust employment centers in the region. Previous collaboration between EDA and the City of Rochelle has led to the development of Nippon Sharyo’s manufacturing plant in the area. Illinois’ railroad system, which is essential in transporting the City and State’s products around the world, did not fully reach available developable land in the City. To sustain and further grow local industry, an expansion of the transit system for local industrial and commercial properties is needed.

In September 2016, EDA invested $3.42 million in Public Works funds to support the City of Rochelle with the installation of a short-line railroad extension and the expansion of the current switchyard rail track. The project will develop 600 acres of land serviced by rail to improve the movement of goods in the region.

The investment will attract a number of potential industrial users to build or expand operations on the property, including a global-based manufacturing company that would create approximately 1,290 jobs and spur $362 million in private investment.

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