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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Partnership Planning 6 $429,000
Technical Assistance 2 $365,000
Total 8 $794,000

The University Center at Kansas State University, hosted by the Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI), established the Kansas Opportunity Innovation Network (KOIN) to enhance the global competitiveness of rural businesses by providing access to innovative ideas, new markets, expertise, capital, and collaborations. KOIN developed new regional innovation tools and uses this knowledge to support local and regional businesses and to identify and enhance business growth opportunities through in-depth market analyses that complement the large-scale new product development services for which the AMI is widely known. These complementary services allow AMI/KOIN to enhance the global competitiveness of rural/distressed companies and regions in Kansas.

In August 2016, EDA invested $250,000 in Technical Assistance funds to Kansas State University to fund the fourth year of a five-year University Center Economic Development Program which funds KOIN. The program provides technical assistance and research and development tools to increase productivity, spur innovation, and promote entrepreneurship to help increase long-term regional competitiveness and economic diversification.

KOIN’s strategy includes profiling the innovation competencies, assets, capabilities, and needs of regions, communities, and local companies to scout new opportunities (especially global opportunities) outside existing markets where clients may have little to no connections. OIN also maps networks of technology providers, expertise, capital, and potential business partners possessing complementary competencies who can enable center clients to respond in a competitive manner to readily connect and combine opportunities, companies, communities, and regions in innovative ways.

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