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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Partnership Planning 10 $700,000
Public Works 1 $2,600,000
Regional Innovation Strategies 1 $499,751
Technical Assistance 1 $116,663
Total 13 $3,916,414

Greensville County is located in one of the most distressed regions of Virginia. Industrial plant closings in the last three years include Georgia Pacific Skippers, Georgia Pacific Jarratt, Quality Culvert, and Wheeling Corrugated. These closings equate to over 150 lost positions. Illuka Resources has also announced it will close at the end of this year, leaving another 100 workers unemployed in a county of fewer than 11,000 people. The need to provide replacement jobs and new opportunities in high-wage and skill sectors is evident.

In May 2016, EDA invested $2.6 million in Public Works funds to support Greensville County with the construction of a waterline and appurtenances to serve the Mid-Atlantic Advanced Manufacturing Center (MAMaC). The MAMaC is a certified mega-site industrial park that, once selected by one or more large firms, will provide high-wage jobs with career development potential in one of Virginia’s most impoverished areas. With I-95 frontage, access to the CSX railroad main line, and a direct route to Virginia ports, the site also provides businesses easy access to both national and international markets via road, rail, and sea. This investment will enhance the attractiveness of MAMaC to firms by providing the necessary water supply infrastructure to sustain a business.

MAMaC estimates it will create 1,190 new jobs and generate $1.1 billion in private investment. By strengthening the attractiveness of MAMaC, businesses are more apt to move to this center, creating numerous local employment opportunities. Once large firms select MAMaC as their business location, high-wage jobs that focus on career development will be available for the local population, in turn raising the standard of living in one of Virginia’s most impoverished areas.

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