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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $103,437
Public Works 2 $3,300,070
Technical Assistance 2 $220,777
Planning 10 $653,733
Grand Total 15 $4,278,017
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Bemidji Regional Airport Authority Infrastructure and Hangar Development Project in Bemidji, Minnesota

Bemidji, MN - Located in one of Minnesota’s most distressed economic development regions, the Bemidji Regional Airport serves an emerging aviation industry cluster and supports regional businesses with general aviation needs. Bemidji Regional Airport is an essential asset and its links to the rest of the world have helped the area overcome the challenges of being relatively remote from major economic markets. Recognizing the prominent role it plays in the region's economic vitality, area organizations have prioritized using the airport and its adjacent land as cornerstone assets in creating economic opportunity and development. With a current waiting list of businesses that need greater access to aviation services, future demand for the airport’s available hanger space is anticipated to grow significantly.

In July of 2017, EDA invested $800,070 in Public Works funds to the Bemidji Regional Airport Authority to construct two additional hangars, each measuring 12,375 square feet, as well as 138,000 square feet of new pavement aprons adjacent to the new hangars. The airport’s existing hangars are at capacity and there is a demand for additional hangar space to accommodate expanding business support to North America and services to Canada. The investment is anticipated to create 17 new jobs and spur $7,500,000 in private investment. Long-term, this project will help the regional economy by leveraging the airport to stimulate strong economic growth and development. The increased hangar capacity and improved infrastructure will increase general aviation activity in the region as well as improve connectivity and break down geographic barriers for area businesses.

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