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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Assistance to Coal Communities 1 $70,000
Public Works 1 $620,000
Technical Assistance 4 $122,000
Planning 17 $1,155,000
Grand Total 23 $1,967,000

Shelby, MT - Located in Toole County, the City of Shelby is facing economic distress, an aging population, lack of high paying jobs, and minimal opportunity for new businesses. The region’s economy relied on agriculture and oil and gas production for many years. Industry production has plummeted in recent years and the County also experienced a declared drought disaster in 2015, adding to the economic distress in the area.

In June 2017, EDA invested $620,000 in Public Works funds to the City of Shelby to connect the City’s water distribution system to the Humic Growth facility. Humic Growth Solutions, Inc., is a successful local business that produces agricultural enhancement products and needs to expand its operations in Shelby, but the City lacked adequate water infrastructure to facilitate the expansion.

The infrastructure improvement will enable the business to expand its operations, as well as create opportunities for the City to attract other businesses to the area. The expansion of Humic Growth is expected to create 40 new jobs for the city and the company will generate more than $8,000,000 in private investment, which will help alleviate the economic distress and assist in the recovery of the area. Providing water service for the proposed facility will also spur economic development opportunity and growth for the City of Shelby.

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