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Program # of Grants EDA Funds
Assistance to Coal Communities 1 $1,500,000
Disaster Relief 1 $487,237
Economic Adjustment Assistance 1 $500,000
Public Works 4 $5,625,000
Regional Innovation Program 2 $599,438
Technical Assistance 2 $601,663
Planning 12 $2,000,000
Grand Total 23 $11,313,338

Oklahoma City, OK - The Aviation and Aerospace industry are critical sectors of the State of Oklahoma’s economy. A recent downturn in another major industry in the State, oil and gas, has further highlighted the great importance of aviation and aerospace in maintaining a healthy economy in Oklahoma. However, in the midst of an economic downturn in Oklahoma City, caused in part by the decrease in oil prices, the city was facing another potential crisis—there has been a shift in the aviation industry from smaller to larger aircrafts. The facilities at the Oklahoma City Airport were not equipped to service larger aircraft and businesses looked to accommodate these aircrafts in other locations. Such a loss in operations would be devastating to not only jobs but also affect the city and the Oklahoma aviation industry.

In September 2017, EDA invested $2,000,000 in Public Works funds to the Oklahoma City Airport to fund the expansion and improvement to hangars located at the Will Rogers World Airport. Having the competitive advantage of skilled workers and industry knowledge, the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Airport Trust were confident that an investment in airport facilities would not only help maintain jobs in the State but also help the industry continue to grow. With a matching investment of $2,000,000, the city and airport made a joint application to EDA for assistance. The expansion project will make improvements on two existing hangars, and provide the capacity to conduct aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul larger aircrafts such as the Boeing B737-900 and the Airbus 320.

This EDA funded airport hangar expansion and improvement project will support economic resiliency in the region by continuing to diversify workforce opportunities in an area dominated by oil and gas, and improve conditions in the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul sector. It is anticipated that more than 1,000 jobs benefitting multiple businesses in the local economy will be retained. By making this improvement to the airport hangars, the businesses in the region will improve capacity to grow their customer base which will result in additional jobs created. Finally, the project provides the base necessary to support a growing and promising industry across the entire State of Oklahoma.

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