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Central Indiana Initiative

Build Back Better Regional Challenge finalist

Coalition Lead Applicant: City of Indianapolis

Region (applicant-defined): Central Indiana

Cluster Sector(s): Agriculture; Advanced Manufacturing

Coalition Overarching Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

Project Description:
The coalition, led by the city of Indianapolis, proposes a Central Indiana Initiative to improve the competitiveness of, and access to, the region's food processing and manufacturing cluster – two of the fastest growing sectors in the region and major employment drivers for BIPOC workers. If provided an implementation grant, the coalition proposes several component projects, including launching food processing and production facilities, a Learning Lab and Science Center, an build a coalition for improving and coordinating regional transit, and a revolving loan fund. The coalition also plans to address four critical gaps in the cluster’s talent development – including the lack of digital literacy, lack of foundational spatial and mechanical skills, lack of advanced technology/misaligned technical skills, and weak “future of work” competencies – through a set of sophisticated, aligned talent development investments.

Finalist Showcase Presentation

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