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Appalachian Climate Technologies Coalition (ACT Now)

Build Back Better Regional Challenge Winner

Coalition Lead Applicant: Coalfield Development

Region (applicant-defined): West Virginia (25 counties)

Coalition Overarching Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

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Phase 2 Federal Award: Approximately $62.8 million

Project Description:
The Appalachian Climate Technology coalition (ACT Now), led by Coalfield Development Corporation, will receive approximately $62.8 million to spur job growth in 21 economically distressed and coal-impacted counties in southern West Virginia by creating a hub of clean energy and green economy jobs. After decades of decline in the coal economy and its related environmental impacts, the region currently suffers from persistent poverty and disinvestment. With EDA funding, the coalition will address this legacy by supporting the transition from coal to solar power; implementing sustainable reuse projects on abandoned mine sites; rejuvenating brownfield sites with new facilities equipped to train a diversified, skilled workforce and provide advanced manufacturing capacity; and developing entrepreneurial programs to support employment in environmental sustainability. The ACT Now coalition combines deep community engagement, a focus on equity and justice, and strong employer commitments from more than 200 private sector partners, including 4 of the 5 largest solar companies in the region. The coalition’s goal is to model multiple strategies for a just transition from the legacy energy industry to a modern, clean regional economy.

Finalist Showcase Presentation

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