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Highlight: Improvement in Local Drinking Water Enables Businesses and Communities to Prosper in Sanger, California

On July 8, the city of Sanger, California hosted a ribbon cutting to celebrate the new operation of the city’s new water system and holding tank.

The 750,000-gallon tank, nitrate blending station, and booster pump is a joint project with the California Division of Drinking Water and a $1.2 million EDA investment to help the city serve its residents with clean water.

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City of Sanger Water Tank Ribbon-Cutting

The new tank was built to improve water pressure and water quality year-round. The project, which was completed in a year, also secured an additional $4 million in state funding.

Due to low water pressure and a lack of storage capacity, Sanger was unable to keep up with current business and residential water demands, which resulted in low water pressure and a need for additional capacity for the city and region.

According to Sanger’s city manager, over the past few summers, low water pressure has been a problem in the community with everyone frequently using water at the same time. The new water system and holding tank were necessary so that the city could develop and grow. City planners were concerned that if Sanger couldn’t maintain a reliable water source, businesses would re-locate and the community would lose jobs and employment opportunities.

Now, with the new water system, businesses can flourish, and citizens can be healthier with more clean water available.

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