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IMCP Overview

The Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) was established to incentivize and facilitate collaboration among private and public sector stakeholders in U.S. manufacturing communities, in order to support:

  • Growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector
  • Creation of new manufacturing jobs
  • Regional economic growth
  • Increased federal support for regional economic and workforce development objectives.

IMCP Communities

Between 2014 and 2015, IMCP designations have been awarded to 24 locally organized, public-private consortia that successfully demonstrated best practices in advancing innovative regional manufacturing economies.

In order to qualify for an initial designation, applicants were required to demonstrate the strength of an existing manufacturing industry in their region/community and to describe their proposed strategies to target investments and achieve measurable progress in the following six areas:

  • Workforce and training;
  • Research and innovation;
  • Infrastructure and site development;
  • Supply chain support;
  • Trade and international investment; and
  • Operational improvement and capital access.

To date, 24 communities have been granted two-year IMCP designations by the US Department of Commerce.

While each Manufacturing Community created implementation plans for their unique local conditions and industrial sectors that range from advanced materials to medical devices and food processing, they share a common strategic focus on direct, ongoing collaboration with key local and regional stakeholders, attraction of private investment, and the design and implementation of long-term strategic planning that integrates public and private resources to create broad-based prosperity.

Federal Government Partners

The following IMCP Participating Agencies have identified existing programs that are aligned with manufacturing and have agreed to provide preferential consideration to program applications submitted by for Manufacturing Communities:

More Information

For more information on IMCP and EDA’s related efforts to improve the Federal government’s ability to serve as a constructive partner to local and regional economic development stakeholders, please contact EDA’s Economic Development Integration (EDI) team at edi@eda.gov or visit the Economic Development Integration home page.

Investing in Manufacturing Partnership (IMCP)

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