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Spotlight: 50 Years of Partnership Success: EDA’s Planning Program

Recognizing 50 Years of EDA's Planning Program

At EDA, we believe that locally-owned strategic planning is critical to facilitating regional economic development efforts and we understand that some communities need help developing a plan and figuring out where to start their efforts. To promote effective economic development in America’s communities and regions, our Planning Program (PDF) has helped local organizations (Economic Development Districts, Indian Tribes, and other eligible areas) with long-term strategic economic development planning efforts, and helps communities undertake focused, project specific planning activities. A key component under this program is developing, maintaining, and implementing a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).

The detailed, effective planning encouraged by the CEDS process creates a road map that local practitioners and policymakers can use to identify and take the steps necessary to realize their desired economic development vision. For more information about the planning process, please contact your regional office.

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