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Cornell University

Rev: Prototype to Production Supporting early stage startups move into volume production
Ithaca, NY
i6 Challenge
Federal Share: $750,000.00
Local Match: $750,000.00

Cornell University will launch Rev: Prototype to Production Accelerator, a new hardware entrepreneurship accelerator in Upstate New York. Rev: Prototype to Production Accelerator will develop and deliver a cohort-based program that will support both hardware startups ready to advance from prototype into production as well as local manufacturers unclear on how to fruitfully engage with new ventures. The Accelerator will convene the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Upstate New York, multiplying the current economic impact of entrepreneurship in the region. By developing a regional hardware entrepreneurship culture while utilizing and growing the region's manufacturing base, this program works in lockstep with regional development priorities to close existing gaps in the startup to manufacturing ecosystem in Upstate New York. While the region faces economic challenges due to its mostly rural nature, it has a long history of manufacturing that can be brought to bear on entrepreneurs as they develop products with commercial value.

The Rev: Prototype to Production Accelerator will provide programming, mentorship, access to local manufacturers, and introductions to investors to enable entrepreneurs to advance from the prototype stage into production and bring products to market. By increasing engagement with manufacturers, entrepreneurs will have the support needed to stay local, leading to job growth across multiple sectors, strengthening and diversifying the economy. In addition, the program will convene local manufacturers, investors, academic experts, and successful entrepreneurs thereby building the underpinnings required for a long-term sustainable ecosystem.

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