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Montana State University

Prospect Montana - Sparking a Boom in Montana’s High-Tech Economy
Bozeman, MT
i6 Challenge
Federal Share: $749,314.00
Local Match: $749,331.00

Montana State University-Bozeman is leading Prospect Montana, an initiative designed to create a powerful ecosystem in which technology innovation and startups can flourish in Montana. While entrepreneurship in Montana is very strong, the businesses created in the state tend to be lower tech rather than the high-tech, high-growth firms that are becoming increasingly important in the modern economy.

Montana does, however, have several emerging and strategically important assets that put it in prime position to generate and support many more high-tech companies. Key among them is Montana State University-Bozeman (MSU), Montana's premier technical university, with a strong focus on science and engineering. Also headquartered in Bozeman are Next Frontier Capital, Montana’s largest venture capital fund, and Early Stage Montana, a new non-profit working to mentor and accelerate Montana high-tech startup companies.

Individually, each of these entities is having a significant impact on the high-tech economy in Montana. And they already loosely collaborate. But there is an opportunity to do much more, and Prospect Montana is leading the effort. The project will increase the volume of patents and technologies advanced by the MSU Technology Development Fund, as well as increase the number of companies engaging with Early State Montana and Next Frontier Capital, ultimately creating a powerful ecosystem in which technology innovation and startups can flourish.

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