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RLF Resources

Through a National Technical Assistance cooperative agreement, the Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) worked with EDA to develop an innovative technical assistance approach to better support and improve the more than 500 EDA funded Revolving Loan Funds in the United States. The CDFA EDA RLF Best Practices Program includes a diverse set of offerings that encourage learning, best practice collaboration, evaluations of service efficiencies and improvements, and a comprehensive resource collection and dissemination process.

Revolving Loan Fund Best Practices Handbook: Characteristics of High Performing RLFs
This handbook includes eight best practices along with key takeaways and additional resources. It's a great resource for any RLF and also applicants for an RLF award.

EDA Revolving Loan Fund Resource Center
The EDA Revolving Loan Fund Resource Center hosts a collection of EDA Revolving Loan Fund resources including presentations, best practices, case studies and archives of learning materials from webinars and training sessions.

Key program elements include:

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