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Beachy Cream Organic Ice Cream, Santa Monica, California

June 2016

Beachy Cream Organic Ice Cream, Santa Monica, California

Beachy Cream Ice Cream is a Santa Monica, California-based organic ice cream brand with a retro vibe. The founders started off in farmer’s markets and a small store front. When the demand exploded, they needed to up their production capacity. In 2014, they received a $95,000 Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) loan to help them secure a new 13,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Long Beach.

“The RLF loan we received is providing valuable capital for Beachy Cream's move into our new leased space in Long Beach so that we can expand our ice cream production capabilities,” said Ann Ryan, Founder and CEO of Beachy Cream. “We sell to over 55 stores and can't make or store enough in our existing freezers to meet the demand. We appreciate the support we’ve received from the City of Long Beach, including the RLF loan, and are happy to have our new headquarters there.”

With this expansion, they hope to take their Southern California brand to stores nationally.

Tags: Small Business Development/RLF