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EDA Communities of Practice

EDA’s Communities of Practice strengthen America’s economic development infrastructure by capturing, organizing, and scaling practices at a national level.

Each Community of Practice consists of a cohort of EDA grantees that share a similar programmatic, functional, and/or organizational focus. Community of Practice cohorts benefit from a mix of peer-to-peer learning, issue-specific trainings and targeted coaching. Cohort members shape promising practices across the industry, increase their connectedness with peer regions and organizations, and bolster their skills and capacity to advance effective economic development strategies. This approach accelerates regional economic recovery in a more equitable and resilient manner, reaching communities that need it the most.

Economic development strategies are constantly being tested in communities nationwide, but our communities need not work alone. Just like local and regional connectivity drives economic development, national connectivity across communities can help accelerate the sharing of promising practices, and improve targeted technical assistance (TA) to implement more transformational projects. Through the Communities of Practice (CoP) Program, EDA draws out deeper impacts from its grantmaking and improves the effectiveness of grantees today and into the future.

Meet our Communities of Practice

Through strategic cooperative agreements, EDA works hand in hand with experienced entities to build and grow tools and insights for Community of Practice participants. Check out the current Communities of Practice below and find ways to learn, contribute, and stay in the know.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about EDA’s Communities of Practice or want to be involved, please contact


EDA defines a Community of Practice as the intentional joining of a group of people (participants) with shared work interest, the desire to learn more deeply from peers, and the willingness to exchange ideas to improve and expand impacts. The Build Back Better Regional, Good Jobs Challenge, and Coal Communities of Practice were created through the FY 2021 ARPA Research and Networks Notice of Funding Opportunity. All other Communities of Practice are initiatives powered by EDA’s Research and National Technical Assistance Program (RNTA).

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