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EDI Networking and Collaboration

EDA can deploy its expertise and network of regional partners to facilitate strategic conversations between federal agencies and distressed communities and regions. Regional offices help communities design and implement regional integration events that bring multiple federal programs together in order to identify, catalyze and effectively coordinate the most relevant resources

Continuum of Integration Assistance
Continuum of Integration Assistance: The varying levels of assistance and supports that the EDI practice provides in its six regions.
  • Federal Interagency Resource Exchange (FIRE): An important first step for communities and regions that seek to expand their knowledge base of federal economic development resources and their overall economic development capacity.
  • Economic Recovery Workshop: Economic Recovery Workshops conducted to support disaster impacted areas resemble FIREs, but focus specifically on restoring regional economies within the context of the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF).
  • Regional Economic Diversification Summit (REDS): Communities and regions with an active Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and that want to take economic development to the next level should consider working with EDI to administer a REDS Process.
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