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BloomOK: Growing Virtual Health Investment in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is home to a growing technology industry focused on virtual health, namely the systems and tech that enable digital-first and virtual/physical hybrid healthcare models. Tulsa Community Foundation has led virtual health communities to enable hybrid healthcare not only in Tulsa but also across Oklahoma. As the density of virtual health startups increases, there is an immediate need to diversify access to early-stage investment beyond legacy industries like oil, energy, and finance by increasing investors’ understanding of virtual health startups. To bridge this gap, BloomOK supports regional early-stage investors and augments their capacity and expertise in virtual health. BloomOK supports due diligence activities and provides virtual health subject matter expertise to regional investors, including Oklahoma Life Science Fund, Cortado Ventures, i2E, Atento Capital, and regional angel investors. By supporting existing sources of capital with BloomOK’s deep subject matter expertise, this project unlocks and expedites investment in the region’s virtual health start-ups. By 2025, BloomOK anticipates conducting diligence on more than 15 opportunities, resulting in the funding of more than four companies, creation of more than 25 new jobs, and enabling deployment of $5 million to $10 million of investment into regional startups.

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