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Arizona Commerce Authority


Phoenix, AZ

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Arizona Semiconductor Industry Startup Entrepreneurial Development Project

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This project will support the formation and growth of start-up companies in the semiconductor and hard-materials space. More specifically, Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) will lower the barrier to startup innovation and growth in semiconductors by providing discounted pricing for access to an ecosystem in Arizona with shared semiconductor fabrication and characterization equipment with pilot-scale capabilities. Based on the strong interest generated in advance of this proposal submission, Arizona Commerce Authority anticipates that this project will support at least 20 semiconductor startup companies.

To attract or form and support the growth of these companies, ACA will utilize its Innovation Network for startup companies. This is an intake platform for companies, corporations, investors, service providers and other stakeholders in the startup community. The intake process will provide a mechanism to help "map" the ecosystem of the U.S. microelectronics startup community but will primarily serve as a platform to provide assessments to companies and identify best-fit candidates. The Innovation Network platform will evaluate and connect startup semiconductor companies to the ASU Core Facilities network.

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