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Discovery Partners Institute


Chicago, IL

Build to Scale Program

Venture Challenge

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Economic Development through Deep-Tech Science Teams: From Research Labs to Commercial Ventures

Award Amount

Federal Share

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$1.5 million

$1.5 million

Led by the University of Illinois System, the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) brings together some of the nation’s strongest research and education institutions into one institute to support and grow multi-institutional, interdisciplinary science; to extend opportunities for education and workforce training; and to translate application-driven technology research and development into economic strength.

Central to DPI’s efforts is the development of a network of multi-institutional, interdisciplinary science teams. These science teams combine highly specialized expertise and creative problem-solving based on rigorous research (“deep-tech'’) towards addressing challenges in industrial sectors that are strategic to Illinois. DPI’s science team engagement is designed to elevate the impact of these teams by bringing to bear DPI’s network of corporations, non-profits, and government agencies, and both private-sector and university-led accelerator/incubator partners.

EDA funds support the development of an integrated pipeline that ensures steady throughput of innovation in the pipeline through activities that include: science team launch, ensuring research funding sustainability, business plan development and continuously improving it based on customer discovery, commercial incorporation and seeding, and venture launch.

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