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St. Louis, MO

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The Center for AgTech and Applied Location Science and Technology (CATALST): A Catalyst for Regional Economic Growth at the Intersection of Agriculture and Geospatial

Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match

$1.5 million

$1.5 million

The Center for AgTech and Applied Location Science and Technology (CATALST) project aims to capitalize on the demand for new precision agriculture technologies by tapping into the St. Louis region’s expertise in AgTech and location science to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship and to advance ideas to commercialization. Funds will support personnel, proof-of-concept field research, and event and activity costs to scale programs supporting the development of location-based applications for agriculture, such as remote imaging and sensing, smart devices, predictive data analytics, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning and provide trained interns to enable companies to scale their operations. Intentionally pairing the emerging location science cluster with the region’s globally leading AgTech cluster provides a perfect combination to scale innovation-based entrepreneurship to stimulate new company growth and the commercialization of new technologies that will create jobs and strengthen economic competitiveness for future generations.

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