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Albany, NY

Build to Scale Program

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Manufacturing Technology Innovation in New York State

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The purpose of this project is to expand its technical assistance to more manufacturing and technology startup companies across New York state. Leveraging the proven infrastructure of FuzeHub’s Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund Manufacturing Grants, this project will support collaborative projects between such companies and not-for-profit organizations with manufacturing expertise (typically, but not limited to, higher education institutions and Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers). Such projects will include prototype development, design for manufacturing, proof-of-concept manufacturing, manufacturing scale-up, or development or adoption of new technologies to increase manufacturing competitiveness. These project-level activities will be complemented by FuzeHub’s end-to-end support of all companies in its programs, including one-on-one consultations to identify companies’ evolving needs and provide guided access to New York state’s robust network of innovation assets and investment opportunities. Over the performance period the technical assistance from this project will benefit 24 scalable startups in the manufacturing and technology sectors.

FuzeHub’s existing Manufacturing Grants program has a proven track record of assisting New York state’s early-stage manufacturers and hardware startups in meeting growth challenges, accelerating their path to commercial success, and, ultimately, creating jobs, revenue, and economic impact. The model is related to the globally-proven “innovation voucher” economic development concept, where public investments are designed to link small and young enterprises with external knowledge resources, resulting in significant innovation outcomes.

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