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University of California, San Diego


San Diego, CA

Build to Scale Program

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Talent Foundry Accelerator

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Funding will enhance the partnerships between UC San Diego, Biotech, & Life Science corporate partners, mission-driven investors and the existing ecosystem of startups & entrepreneurship through UC San Diego’s Talent Foundry Accelerator (TFA). This venture is designed to provide underrepresented communities access to build on an existing ecosystem ready to assist them in scaling their tech startups leading to opportunities that support economic recovery related to the impacts of disenfranchisement. TFA is designed to leverage resources maintained by UC San Diego’s essential partners, including public/private corporate partnerships that will work to incubate entrepreneurs and startups while creating efficient, and resilient supply chains necessary to grow early-stage startups and bring solutions to market. Over the next three years, the anticipated impact of this initiative is to amplify this infrastructure for wealth creation, employment growth, increased education and job earnings, while creating regional connectivity in the tech space, specifically the biotech and life science arena. This innovative partnership will give access to underrepresented entrepreneurs based in Central, South and East San Diego into the Biotech and Life Science ecosystem and leverage the economic power to increase diversity in the workforce and boost early-stage startups to gain access to lean innovation training, millions of dollars in funding. Within the next 3-years, TFA expects to serve 90 entrepreneurs and/or startups. Based on previous programming, UC San Diego anticipates that approximately 10 percent of program participants will create high potential businesses, robust networking systems and higher wage employment for a minimum of 45 individuals.

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