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National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE) Board (2014-16)

Amy Stursberg
Executive Director Blackstone Charitable Foundation

Photo of Amy Stursberg

The Blackstone Foundation is committed to supporting communities where the company operates through a range of projects and organizations that are innovative in their approach to improving the economic and social conditions of communities in need with entrepreneurship as a major focus. The Foundation has committed to a five-year, $50 million Entrepreneurship Initiative to create connected networks, or “ecosystems”, of community-based entrepreneurial coaches in regions across the nation and around the world. Prior to joining Blackstone, Ms. Stursberg worked in the public sector as a consultant to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and as the last director of the September 11th Fund. The September 11th Fund provided grants to small businesses and community organizations to prevent job loss and to foster economic growth in various communities of Lower Manhattan. In both of these roles, she was able to provide funding and support to many community nonprofits and economic development organizations seeking to revitalize New York during its time of need.

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National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NACIE)

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