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National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE) Board

Senofer Mendoza
Founder/General Partner, Mendoza Ventures

Photo of Senofer Mendoza

Senofer Mendoza is the founder and general partner at Mendoza Ventures a venture capital firm that she started in 2016. Her firm focuses on investments in fintech, AI, and cybersecurity, with diversity playing an important role in her investment decisions—about 75% of her portfolio consists of startups led by immigrants, people of color, and women. Mendoza ventures started off as a pilot fund in 2016; after an exit and the realization that they had good traction with early-stage startups in Boston, Senofer decided to focus exclusively on the seed stage and formally launched Mendoza Ventures Fund II in 2019. Her first fund is a top-quartile fund due to diverse founders with an early exit for a 2016 vintage fund. Senofer is currently raising her third fund, a $100M fintech fund focused on Series A to C funding rounds – This fund will break the $100M glass ceiling for female GPs in venture capital. Outside of her role in VC, she is an advocate for diversity and inclusion across both her professional and her personal life. She started Mendoza Ventures with the mission of increasing capital access to the workplace and wealth through startups and the funding landscape. Senofer is an active board chair for TCN (The Capital Network) focused on making sure dollars and education go to female founders in the tech industry. With 2% of all VC dollars in this industry going to women and people of color now, Senofer's track record of investing in immigrants, people of color, and women goes above and beyond what the VC industry is currently doing. She has proven the fact that female funders deploy to female founders as well as investing in diversity equals high-performance returns.

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