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Exponential Impact


Colorado Springs, CO

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Exponential Impact: Southern Colorado Seed to Scale Initiative



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Exponential Impact (XI)’s Southern Colorado Seed to Scale Initiative will establish and strengthen a pathway of support for early-stage ventures looking to progress from seed to scale. The Southern Colorado region’s economy relies heavily on defense and tourism and historically lags in high-growth venture resources and talent, resulting in entrepreneurs often leaving the region in search of funding and team members to launch and scale high-growth tech companies.

This project will build upon XI’s Accelerator program, creating second- and third-stage growth programs for high-tech companies, as well as an apprenticeship program. The six-month Amplify program and 12-month Ascend program will provide post-accelerator alumni and other ventures with the access to workspace, mentor and investor events, and professional services they need to commercialize emerging technologies and grow high-tech companies. The project will also establish a two-year Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship designed to increase skills and provide on-the-job training, work experience, and high-level mentorship.

By 2022, XI anticipates supporting 45 participants in its Amplify program, 27 participants in its Ascend program, and 20 apprenticeship participants, thereby supporting the creation of 610 jobs.

Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE)

Build To Scale (B2S)
formerly Regional Innovation Strategies Program (RIS)

SPRINT Challenge

STEM Talent Challenge

Accelerate R2 Network Challenge

National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NACIE)

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