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Kansas State University


Manhattan, KS

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Global Food Systems Economic Prosperity Accelerator



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Kansas State University (K-State) will launch the Global Food Systems (GFS) Economic Prosperity Accelerator to grow the knowledge-based food systems economy of Kansas. In Kansas, agriculture accounts for $47.9 billion in direct output, but in recent years has experienced significant declines in gross domestic product. Meanwhile, challenges impacting growing global food demand are increasingly complex. K-State and the region of northeast Kansas are at the nexus of scientific advancements in food, agriculture, animal health, and bio/agro security, and are well positioned to bring integrated technological solutions to these challenges.

The GFS Economic Prosperity Accelerator will focus on strategic capacity building, industry partnerships, business expansion and entrepreneurship to create knowledge-based jobs in the region, and ultimately, advance the productivity and economic growth of GFS sectors in Kansas. The project will engage with faculty, staff, students, and industry representatives to explore and establish mutually-beneficial partnerships and collaborative science advancement efforts.

Through these efforts, the Accelerator will build a pipeline of innovation and partnerships that will launch new products, create new firms, attract international companies, and result in capital investment and job creation. Kansas State University anticipates that this project will establish over 400 university-industry partnerships, build or expand 48 companies in northeast Kansas, and create 700 jobs.

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