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Champion Impact Capital


Irving, TX

Project Name

Commercializing Scalable Technologies through Creative Capitalization

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Champion Impact Capital, in cooperation with the Irving Economic Development Partnership, will develop an investment platform with a matchmaking tool that will provide suggested innovative financing structures based on inputs from both entrepreneurs and investors to bring to market technology that can build resilience and recovery from the impact of COVID-19 in North Central Texas.

Champion Impact Capital specializes in advising governments, funders, and investors on how to solve social problems using positive, creative financial tools that benefit underserved communities.

This platform will have a narrow focus in that all investment opportunities will have a technological solution to a pressing regional economic, health, or safety risk need in response to pandemic-induced economic injury and a goal to get at least ten projects funded. The project will draw from Champion’s network of 500 nonprofits, employers, and investors who are interested in rapid commercialization of the most promising opportunities.

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