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Jackson, MI

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Manu-Tech (Manufacturing Technology) Virtual Incubator COVID Response Unit

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The Manu-Tech Virtual Incubator COVID Response Unit will 1) support manufacturing­oriented small companies and startups with COVID response products and technologies; 2) help local manufacturers recover by connecting them to new business from these product developers; and 3) introduce Industry 4.0 technologies that will build operational resilience to prepare for future economic shocks.

The project will support the development and growth of these companies through:

  • Consultations with Experts in Residence (EIRs) who support clients with design, engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing readiness services, as well as marketing and business strategy.
  • A comprehensive 1-on-1 support program to assist startups in building and testing business models, milestone planning and resource matching.
  • Connecting client companies with customers, strategic partners, suppliers, academic research partners, demonstration centers, and entrepreneurial support organizations.
  • Events, networking, pitch competitions and promotional activities that support and showcase the Southeast Michigan hardware Manu-Tech ecosystem.

The project provides companies with COVID Response Technologies including MedHealth Tech, CleanTech, Climatech, and Recycling/Circular Economy Tech, as well as ManuTech and Industry 4.0 technologies that support lights-out manufacturing, operational resiliency and efficiencies. It will continue the incubators' focus on underserved entrepreneurs including women, minorities, seniors and veterans.

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