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New Mexico Community Capital


Albuquerque, NM

Project Name

Stabilizing Native Enterprises with Digital Skills and Online Markets

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This project seeks to respond to the needs of the Native communities battling the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, while also planting the seeds for regenerative business relations leading to diversification and strengthening of local economies.

New Mexico Community Capital (NMCC) is distinguished from its peers by their specialization in technical assistance for small businesses owners. The approach is centered around mentorship, peer networks, and compatibility with indigenous ways. Over the last three years NMCC has also emerged as an innovator in building Native families’ financial and digital literacy as pathways to economic stability and in many cases, entrepreneurship.

The SPRINT Challenge grant will leverage powerful partnerships with Google and the National Congress of American Indians to bring cloud-based technology training, access to new online markets, and other cutting edge-tools to Native-owned enterprises in central and northern New Mexico.

The grant would implement a three-tier entrepreneurial support strategy that will serve at least 100 Native-owned companies over 18 months. The strategy includes:

  • Digital media and marketing basics
  • Indigi Exchange
  • Pilot planning for IndigiWork

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