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Nextcorps, Inc.


Rochester, NY

Project Name

Software Startup Accelerator for Non-Technical Founders

Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match



The Software Startup Accelerator for Non-Technical Founders led by NextCorps, Inc will help individuals that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, as well as employed individuals seeking new career opportunities, launch a new software company from an idea to revenue within one year.

The benefits of this project include:

  • Resilience - Software companies can operate safely from anywhere and have business models that are more resilient to economic disruptions.
  • Regional Impact - A 2019 study by the Boston Consulting Group identified the software sector as a key pillar for long-term economic growth in the Rochester region.
  • Speed - This program gets companies to revenue fast (within one year) with no outside funding, reducing the dependency on VCs that have pulled back investments during the pandemic.
  • Skills Development - The “no code” movement helps non-technical founders build scalable web and mobile applications. This accelerator will teach them these valuable new tools and skills.
  • Talent Engagement - The accelerator will engage students from local universities to work closely with these founders, potentially encouraging them to remain here post-graduation.
  • Cluster Development - Partners in this initiative will help to create a software cluster that fosters economic growth for years to come.

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