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Startup Tucson


Tucson, AZ

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TechExcel: Equipping Tucson's Growth-Stage Companies with Technology-Enabled Skills and Resources

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Startup Tucson’s project, TechExcel: Equipping Tucson’s Growth-Stage Companies with Technology-Enabled Skills and Resources, will address Tucson’s need for business stabilization and rapid job growth in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis by providing technical assistance for digital literacy, productization and regional connectivity.

Startup Tucson will assist businesses in pivoting their existing business models with a three-pronged approach, which will include developing and implementing: 1) technical-assistance and skills training within the areas of e-commerce and productization; 2) a digital Commercialization Mentor Network; and 3) a physical Media and Product Design Lab.

Entrepreneurs will access the digital programs through a single platform that connects them with the larger statewide entrepreneurial ecosystem and will be able to develop new products and the related digital media at our physical lab, using COVID-safe policies and procedures. This approach will address the immediate needs of Tucson businesses who are well-positioned to retain or hire jobs by equipping them with skills to pivot existing products and scale businesses within changing markets.

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