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University Of Louisville


Louisville, KY

Project Name

The Pandemic-Related Product Acceleration & Responsive Entrepreneurship (PRePARE) Program

Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match



The University of Louisville (UofL) will create a new program named “PRePARE”, which has three goals: (1) strengthen connections between UofL and community partners; (2) accelerate the development of technologies that mitigate pandemic- related economic, health, and safety risks; and (3) catalyze the creation of new businesses or growth of existing businesses.

PRePARE will solicit “lab-to-market” subprojects that address the SPRINT Challenge goals and are responsive to specific unmet needs identified by community partners. Applicant teams will be led by UofL researchers but must include a community partner from the 7-county KIPDA economic development district centered around Louisville.

Winning teams will receive grants worth up to $75,000 for UofL-based, product- focused R&D subprojects plus project management and entrepreneurial support from our experienced program staff. These incentivized collaborations — between PRePARE staff, university researchers with relevant scientific or technical expertise, and community partners with real-world business insights — are expected to have lasting positive impacts on regional economic growth and community wellbeing. Target outputs/outcomes for this program include new products, high-tech startups and jobs, and a more equitable and resilient economy.

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