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Cambridge, MA

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LabCentral Ignite Career Forge: Making the Biotech Industry More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive

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LabCentral Ignite, LabCentral’s growing platform dedicated to developing equity and opportunity within life sciences, will expand its Career Forge program. Located within the life science epicenter of the Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts, area, LabCentral Ignite is at the intersection of biotech innovation, pharmaceutical engagement, and diverse communities. The objective of LabCentral Ignite’s Career Forge is to make the biotech industry more diverse, equitable, and inclusive by increasing access for those who have long gone underserved and underrepresented in the industry and its innovation economy. The Career Forge program assesses and places talent in technical roles and internships in the LabCentral network of startups and industry hiring organizations. In the next three years, the program aims to place over 200 people into entry level roles with 100 employers in innovative research labs.

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